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  • We ensure comfortable fit, appearance and function of your dentures by using the latest in technology and quality follow-up care.

  • We construct and fit partial dentures to replace missing teeth.

  • We offer three types of partial dentures: cast metal, acrylic and flexible.

  • See your denturist every five years to make sure your dentures are functioning properly. You may need to have them replaced, cleaned or relined. For example, if you have lost weight, you may find your dentures are loose.

Payment of Services

LaHave Denture Clinics will do direct billing for people who have dental insurance and for those on social assistance.

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  • We do in-house repairs! Keep in mind, dentures can be difficult or impossible to repair after a do it yourself attempt. Collect whatever pieces you have and take them in to the denturist - in most cases they can be repaired within two hours.

  • We offer free consultation - no referral necessary.

  • Count on us for emergency repair services.

  • Our office & labs are wheelchair accessible.

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Broken Dentures Fixed_a.jpg
Broken Dentures Fixed_b.jpg
Broken Dentures Fixed_c.jpg

We love our dogs and they love us, but sometimes the relationship can be challenging to say the least. Take for instance this completely destroyed denture . . . it seemed impossible, but LaHave Denture Clinics brought it back to new!

Dentures and partials can crack, break or lose a tooth and often at the most inconvenient times. Thankfully, they can almost always be repaired at LaHave Denture Clinic in two or three hours.

This is not a job for the handy do it yourselfer! Denture repair kits are not recommended - and usually result in a poor "fix." To make matters worse, even with the denturist's precise professionalism and equipment, once the dentures have been glued or altered, it is difficult to repair.

Also keep in mind that crazy glue products can potentially cause toxins to enter the blood stream. They may also cause unusual allergic reactions.

Pets can spell disaster to dentures. Dentures should never be left within reach of an animal. As shown in the photos above, even dentures that have been a dog's chew toy can be repaired if there are enough pieces left. In this case, 11 of the 14 pieces were salvageable and the denture was successfully restored.

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