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Client Testimonial:

“I have been a client of LaHave Denture Clinic for the last 19 years. Jenny, Audrey and Vanessa have proven to be very proficient, experienced and well informed technicians in the area of their expertise.

"Maureen is an established and leading authority in Denturism, and is up-to-date with any new practices and tools made available to her and her team's profession. She is a testament of a professional and knowledgable denturist who goes above and beyond to ensure her clients dentures fit properly and are attractive and comfortable.

I have the utmost confidence in Maureen and her team and would not hesitate to recommend LaHave Denture Clinic." - KM

Testimonial from Dr. Jacquelyn Amos on behalf of Maureen Doucet:

"Maureen and I have worked closely together for over 20 years. I have found her to be light-hearted, compassionate and always thinking of her clients first. She never leaves anything to chance and always calls to discuss in detail treatment planned for a patient if she has any questions. She takes into consideration everything involved to be able to deliver appliances in a timely fashion.

My patients praise her for her excellent work and thoroughly enjoy their time in her office. The communication between my staff and hers is excellent. Her efforts are second to none and as a result I refer to her often and will continue to do so. Many thanks." - Dr. Jacquelyn Amos, Amos Family Dentistry

Client Testimonial:

"LaHave Denture Clinics has given me most helpful and convenient service." - Hal Stevens

Client Testimonial:

"It is always a pleasant visit when you walk into Maureen Doucet, D.D. at LaHave Denture Clinic. You are welcomed with a big hello and lots of smiles, not only by Maureen, but also by her four capable staff members, Jenny, Audrey, Pam and Vanessa.

Should you happen to have an emergency, such as breaking a tooth, you are seen the same day, or within a couple of days. She will always try to fit you in her busy schedule. Maureen has a great reputation for the many sets of dentures she has made.


The office is always very clean." - EV

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