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Comfort, fit and appearance! LaHave Denture Clinics pay careful attention to every detail of your denture. The smallest denture alteration can make a significant change to your comfort, fit and appearance.

About one-in-four adult Canadians wear dentures. Lahave Denture Clinics see patients of all ages. The need for dentures may arise at any age for many reasons:

  • Missing teeth due to extractions or accidents

  • Deterioration of teeth

  • Inheritance of soft enamel

  • Use of certain prescription medications

  • Smoking

Maureen, a qualified professional, works directly with her patients. She can provide you with a personalized denture that is perfectly adapted to your mouth and appearance. Our laboratory work is performed on the premises, we ensure the quality of care is consistent throughout the process.

Loose dentures may be relined for a better fit - usually in one day. We repair broken dentures, replace missing teeth, typically within a few hours, we make adjustments to dentures that are causing sore spots. Teeth and clasps can be added to most partial dentures.

Dentures, on average, have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years. They will wear down and stain over time. The tissue in your mouth undergoes constant change and your dentures may need adjusting periodically. Denturist, Maureen Doucet cautions that improperly fitting dentures can result in serious health issues. Be sure to give her a call at the first sign of irritation - even though you may think it's too small an issue to be bothered with.

Partial denture . . . or more?

When a patient requires a partial denture to replace missing teeth, Maureen examines the condition of their remaining teeth. She may refer them to a dentist to confirm that their remaining teeth are healthy before she starts any work.

Immediate dentures...

When all remaining teeth are being extracted an Immediate Denture is a good option. Rather than waiting 6 to 12 weeks for healing,we construct the denture ahead of time and insert it while your mouth is still numb from the local anesthetic. The advantages are: it eliminates the embarrassment of a toothless grin while healing, excessive swelling is eliminated, and it helps prevent infection. A reline within the first year is included in the price of your Immediate Denture.

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